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Tips & tricks for effective mobile device management in your company

Are you a provider of Treasure Hunt events, Quiz events or other hybrid events and do you have a large inventory of own smartphones and tablets in your company? Then this article is useful for you! Because keeping and managing multiple mobile devices in companies can become a major challenge. And we show you intelligent solutions for effective mobile device management.

So what system is the safest way to store your smartphones and tablets? How can you transport several devices best and most effectively? Where can you safely charge several devices at once? And how do you keep all your devices up to date in terms of software updates? These are just a few of the many questions that need to be asked in everyday life, when it comes to storing, transporting and managing mobile devices.

In terms of storage, transport and charging of multiple devices, intelligent solutions are available for both – iOS and Android. These include suitcase, trolley and cabinet systems from Parat. The solutions from Parat are available in a wide variety of sizes and they all have a load & sync unit installed. It is always worth taking a look at such solutions to avoid annoying socket and cable management. For example, the PARAPROJECT® Cube U10 is a storage system for storing, charging and synchronizing iPads. The PARAPROJECT® Case A16 is an example of a mobile storage system.

If you are a bit technically minded, you can of course also produce such solutions yourself. With regard to transport and storage, we are always happy to refer to the Peli Cases. Also available as trolley. With a little bit of skill and the right material, you can install appropriate loading units in the case yourself.

A tool that iOS users can’t avoid is the Apple Configurator. The Apple Configurator is a great tool for quickly configuring many devices connected to a Mac via USB with the same settings, apps and data. To connect multiple devices to a Mac at the same time, you need either a USB-HUB, otherwise you have to use the above mentioned systems from Parat with built in sync-units.

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