Safety Briefing

Safety Briefing

An ordinary compulsory event becomes an interactive event with excitement, fun and bodywork!


Safety Briefing

Who isn’t familiar with it? The annual safety briefing! This typically not very exciting event usually takes place in the seminar room. In order to make this event more lively and interactive, Espoto Game can be used. For example, on a shop floor, all safety-related points can be recorded and stored in the system as spots.

Each employee receives a tablet PC and searches for all questions on site. During this process, the employee sees information as text, pictures and video. The employee’s knowledge is put to the test by way of a test question. The test questions are then evaluated live. In this way, knowledge levels and learning deficits are communicated to the production manager immediately after the run-through. Other applications within the framework of a safety briefing include, among others, the following: in different rooms at universities, laboratories, libraries, technical productions, at sporting events, or for flight personnel.

The Highlights

The tabtour questions can be individually customized. By answering the questions, the participants become intensively involved with the topic to be learned.

In a manufacturing company, the safety briefing takes place once a year in the form of face-to-face training. To inject some relaxation into this tiring training, a company tour with control questions can be built in as part of a scavenger hunt.

In the second part of the training session, the training leader can answer questions that are unclear by way of control questions, which can be evaluated live. Employees are interviewed as part of the content-creation process. This also secures important company know-how.

The content can be adapted to the specific requirements of the company.


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The tabtour, our application of the espoto software, is the heart of our business-model. With the Software we can provide customized top events to our Partners and always find flexible solutions for all their needs. With the help of the tabtour we are able to constantly create new applications on the basis of our partner’s feedback.

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