Outdoor Educational Trip

Outdoor Educational Trip

Educational trips on the schoolyard & on a class trip with exercise, team spirit and fun!


The Outdoor Educational Trip

Create your own individual educational trip with our digital treasure hunt app. Provide theoretical content in a playful way via a tablet pc or smartphone. Whether text, multiple choice, photo or video tasks – your students will love it and come to the classroom motivated as a good-humoured team. Additional evaluations are automatically and transparently visible as well as exportable.

Up to 2000 students, divided into teams, can play simultaneously and solve challenges or team tasks in a given time to collect points. The map shows the teams where their tasks and other teams are located and how far they are. Strategically, the teams have to consider together which tasks they want to play, how, when and where. If they want to collect more points than the other teams, they have to solve tasks faster or even run faster.

During the treasure hunts, we are always surprised how quickly a very positive dynamic develops in the teams. Mutual consideration is also very important in the course of the game. No team members may be left behind during the movement to the quests. Behind the scenes, you as the operator follow everything in real time, send messages and spontaneous funny tasks to the teams.

At the end, all teams see the statistics and scores! Videos bring a lot of points, fun and memories during the treasure hunt.

The Highlights

Shared learning combined with healthy exercise!

Motivated, active & knowledge-hungry students!

Interactive and exciting storytelling through the creation of individual maps - virtual journeys through body, cells or around the world!

Saving of time for test preparations, test executions, control & entry of grades into the class book!

Map Treasure Hunt App
Task List Treasure Hunt App
Highscore Treasure Hunt App


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