City Rally

City Rally

Discovery exciting and unknown places – paired with playful knowledge!


City Rally

Create your own interactive City Rally with our digital treasure hunt software. The City Rally shows participants the historical and cultural highlights of a city. The City Rallye does not only help participants discover a completely new city, during the tour, it can also help residents “explore” their own city in a completely new light, discovering previously unknown places. Our software can function as a city rally not only in Germany but also in many metropolitan areas throughout Europe.

The tablets contain the complete tasks for the teams, award points and connect themselves in real time with tablets from other teams. Pictures, points and videos of the event are sent to a central PC. This enables communication among participants as well as permits the other teams to be tracked. Participants immediately feel the urge to move, sense the competitive atmosphere, experience curiosity, fun, as well as an unexpected desire to collect points, also because the teams can see their competitive teams in the same area.

The event is evaluated in an emotional showdown together with all the teams. In addition, an analysis and measurement of the event’s success can be performed.

The Highlights

Highest flexibility for customized – personalized – designing options.

Live analysis & reporting of game scores with a multifunctional presentation interface.

Live activation of tasks by real-time connection between app and server.

Communication takes place in real time. This makes interaction, flexibility and lots of fun part and parcel of every tour.


Our Partners

Goethe Institute

The tabtour, our application of the espoto software, is the heart of our business-model. With the Software we can provide customized top events to our Partners and always find flexible solutions for all their needs. With the help of the tabtour we are able to constantly create new applications on the basis of our partner’s feedback.

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