Outdoor Escape Game

Outdoor Escape Game

Adé classical Escape Game – Extend your dimensions.

Space Escape

Mobile Outdoor Escape Game 

Create your own mobile outdoor escape game with our digital treasure hunt app or use one of our concepts. Our SPACE ESCAPE concept, for example, takes the classic Escape Game to a whole new level – instead of indoor in enclosed spaces, our SPACE ESCAPE concept extends the dimensions, even into space.

Divided into small teams, your customer need to travel to the “Mars” (a city of your choice) to set up a base station there that will ensure the survival of mankind. Our treasure hunt app navigates the teams to the individual missions via virtual maps. There you can solve digital quests, photo tasks and team-building tasks.

Whether in urban or rural areas, a game like our SPACE ESCAPE will provide your customers with a unique and exciting experience.

Use our SPACE ESCAPE concept or create your own mobile outdoor escape game.

The Highlights

Site-independent outdoor escape game!

Individually adaptable to the wishes of your customer!

Exciting storytelling concept!

Live activation of tasks by real-time connection of server and app!

Space Escape Home
Space Escape Map
Space Escape Task
Statistic view in the espoto treasure hunt app

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