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GPS Scavenger Hunt

Absolutely digitized geocaching with physical effort, excitement, fun, team spirit & knowledge transfer!


GPS Scavenger Hunt

Create your own classic digital GPS Scavenger Hunt with our software. The scavenger hunt is the geocaching and GPS game classic and one of espoto’s best sellers. Up to 2,000 players, split into teams, can participate and master challenges in a preset time which enables them to collect points in order to win. Using a personalized tablet or smartphone treasure hunt app, participants are shown different tasks.

Once the team is in the vicinity of a task, a spot is activated on the map and the participants get to solve text, multiple choice, photo and video challenges. The map shows the teams where their tasks and the other teams are and how far away they are. Strategically, they have to weigh up as a group the tasks they’ll tackle and exactly how, when, and where they’re going to solve them. As an operator, you’ll track the scavenger hunt in real-time, send news and spontaneous, fun tasks to the teams.

Present your players with dynamic challenges to search for the key to the treasure chest. To collect extra points, photos can be taken. At the end of the game, all teams get to see the statistics and scores. Videos provide many extra points for scavenger hunts as well as being fun and creating memories that everyone will laugh about together again during the evening’s celebrations.

Espoto Game is a multiple awarded software package that has already been used successfully all over the world. The app works offline and without any fixed running costs, you only pay for each team in the challenge. We’re happy to help you in setting up your game app!

The Highlights

Pay on demand – no fixed running costs.

Live analysis & reporting of game scores with a multifunctional presentation interface.

Highest flexibility for customized – personalized – designing options.

A wide range of attractive features (offline, real-time, operator calls, chat, team visibility, indoor maps, stats, personalized branding, timer, and much more besides….


Our Partners

Goethe Institute

The tabtour, our application of the espoto software, is the heart of our business-model. With the Software we can provide customized top events to our Partners and always find flexible solutions for all their needs. With the help of the tabtour we are able to constantly create new applications on the basis of our partner’s feedback.

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