Welcome Day

Welcome Day

Excitement and fun – of course with a learning effect! For a successful first day at work.


Welcome Day

The first day of work is always very exciting and so informative for employees that you can’t remember everything. But also for the leading managers, such a welcome day and onboarding process is often associated with a lot of effort and time loss for the core business. espoto solves this challenge of an onboarding process with an interactive digital treasure hunt app, which imparts knowledge in a playful and sustainable way. In addition, it can be continuously further developed and reused.

In the company building, important content of the company are digitally defined at special locations. New employees go to these locations with their smartphones or tablets, have to actively solve tasks and deal with important content. Employees receive immediate feedback on whether the answer was right or wrong. Open questions can also be asked. In addition, you can analyze the answers in real time in the backend and thus identify any need for action.

The new employees are introduced to the company, its values and goals as well as its technical fundamentals in a playful way. At the same time, employees who are important contacts can be introduced via video messages.

Intensify your onboarding process now with a creative Firstday@work or an interactive Welcome Day!

The Highlights

Reinforcement of employer branding!

Reduction of personnel costs and training time!

Data can be viewed at any time and repeated as often as desired!

Evaluations help to identify weak points of new employees!

Home screen of the espoto treasure hunt
Map view of the espoto treasure hunt app
Statistic view in the espoto treasure hunt app

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