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Event-Photography 2.0

It has been proven that good event photos can significantly increase the reach and sustainability of events. Images of shared experiences connect people, they emotionalize them and create a lasting memory in their mind.

Our latest software solution – the PixLib Photo App – takes event photography to a whole new level! Consisting of an app and a backend, PixLib not only helps you to generate more photos in the event. PixLib also offers you a simple tool to securely save and share event photos in real time with your customers, via app, web and other presentation functions. In addition, our PixLib Photo App increases the reach of your events via private and social channels of the participants.

With the PixLib Photo App you discover the world from the eyes of your participants – in real time!

PixLib Highlights

Photo groups

Take and share photos in defined groups and events!


Photo galleries in your branding or in branding of your customer!


Real-time synchronization between apps and backend!


Automatic branding of all photos taken in the PixLib App!


Connectivity to your espoto Game & Quiz events!


Easy access to the group via QR Code, link or private login!


Different legal levels to use the app and backend.


Share, like, comment and report photos in the PixLib Photo App!


With PixLib your client is happy, because:


Photos leave lasting memories!

Photos of shared experiences connecting people!

Safe and multiple possibilities …

… to take, save and share photos via App or Web!

This is how the PixLib photo app works


Create a photo group via app or backend and provide it with individual branding.


With security settings you determine whether only you, selected persons (guides), or your participants, can take photos within the photo group and whether pictures can be shared, commented, gelike or reported.


Now you can take photos. The PixLib app automatically creates the pictures with an individual logo, uploads them to the server in real-time, and synchronizes with other users of the photo group, depending on the settings.


The participants of the group share, liken or comment photos within the photo group – depending on the setting. Due to the exchange of the participants, the event is still remembered for a long time.


In addition to the PixLib photo app, pictures can also be easily edited in a backend. It is also possible to upload photos outside of the app to the backend, to delete existing photos, to select them or to present them via the slideshow during the event.


Share the photos in turn with your customer via the PixLib Photo App and / or via public or closed web galleries – optionally even embedded on your website.

PixLib as a White Label App

Get the PixLib Photo App completely branded in your own corporate design.

With own app name!

With own app icon, splash screen and background graphics!

With own color and button design!

With your own app in the App Store!

With your own email communication,landing pages and much more!


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