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Using our quiz app software, you can create personalized, dynamic and challenging quiz events. Combine knowledge, competition, team spirit and fun using our software in an innovative way. Turn your next event into an unforgettable experience. An unbeatable way to inspire people in a short amount of time – at events, team training sessions, conventions, workshops, exhibitions, for presentations, tests or in school. Additionally, a built-in polling system allows participants to be polled quickly and anonymously, to get the atmosphere and mood of the group, showing actual results, test pre-existing knowledge or to repeat contents.


Use Cases

Our Highlights

  • Pay on demand – no fixed running costs
  • Native apps for a better end-user experience on Android and iOS
  • 11 different task types that ensure a rich variety of game play
  • Highest flexibility for customized – personalized – designing options
  • Live analysis & reporting of game scores with a multifunctional presentation interface
  • Live activation of tasks by real-time connection between app and server
  • Countdown, timer, offline, real-time, operator calls, chat, personalized branding and many additional features

All Features

Task Types

Text task

Player types the solution in a text field.


Player choose one or more answers.


Player takes a photo. Pictures will upload immediately, so you can see them online.

Video task

Player shoots a video. It will be uploaded if the player has a good internet connection.

Open Text-Task

Player types the solution in a text field. Each answer is evaluated as correct by the system.

Open Multiple-Choice

Player chooses an answer. Each answer is evaluated as correct by the system.


Evaluate threads via smileys.


Evaluate threads via stars.


Evaluate threads via thumbs.


Open votings via multiple choice or text answers.

Individual Branding


Set an individual background.


Choose an individual logo in the header.


Choose an individual footer for the homescreen.


Your own app for android and iOS with your personal branding.

Realtime Features


All data of your event in one view.

Real live highscore

See all the details, answers and scores.

Single Reporting

See and manipulate answers for every player.

Group statistics

Overview of all participants.

Live Chat

Communication between the operator and the participants or the participants themselves.

Push notifications

Sending push notifications to any or all participants.

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