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Involve, Inspire & Evaluate

Espoto Quiz in workshops, seminars and conferences.


The espoto Quiz is perfectly applicable for surveys and votings with large groups. It can be used in an academic context in seminars and lectures, workshops, conferences and other events in which the communication usually only works in one direction.

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Communication

  • Voting

  • Evaluation

Experience the perfect combination of knowledge transfer, entertainment and voting.

Features And Their Value

11 different tasks & voting types give you many options to improve  knowledge transfer in meetings, seminars or lectures.

Through unlocking and sending questions or important topics in realtime, the audience is actively animated to participate.

Various chat rooms are available to discuss topics or submit observations.  With our multifunctional presentation interface, the results of knowledge tests and opinions surveys can be easily evaluated, statistically interpreted and visualized. Use the results even during the event for organising or for supplementing your content.

Real-Time Control

Tasks & Voting


Analysis & Reporting

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