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Team training & playful learning with action, excitement & motivation

You want to organize an innovative team event? With Espoto Geocaching Game you create exciting scavenger hunts, creative and imaginative trekking tours or other indoor and outdoor adventures for companies, families, school classes, cities and museums by using our geocaching game software for smartphones & tablets!

Our location-based game app is a personalized, real-time controlled team event, which puts team building, excitement, fun and learning at center stage. Groups of up to 2,000 people are provided with tablet PCs and GPS so that they are literally on the right path towards team spirit at the same time. At predefined locations the participants meet to solve exciting riddles or other eventful team activities. The tasks are solved digitally via text entry, multiple choice selection and by using photo or video recordings, or even conducted as real challenges, like, for instance, painting a t-shirt, leading an interview, or building something. Our software can be used as an e-learning, gaming or conference module across one or multiple locations simultaneously both indoor and outdoor.


Use Cases

Our Highlights

  • Support for worldwide use of the software
  • Pay on demand – no fixed running costs
  • Native apps for a better User Experience on Android & iOS
  • Software in four languages
  • Highest flexibility for customized – personalized – designing options
  • A wide range of attractive features (operator calls, chat, team visibility, indoor maps, stats, personalized branding, timer, and much more besides)
  • Real-time and offline modes
  • Excellent support

Easy Content-Management-System

  • Create the game

  • Edit the game

  • Play the game

  • Evaluate the game

With the right idea you can create your own application in just a few minutes via our professional content management system!

All Features

Task Types

Text task

Player types the solution in a text field.


Player choose one or more answers.


Player takes a photo. Pictures will upload immediately, so you can see them online.

Video task

Player shoots a video. It will be uploaded if the player has a good internet connection.

Open Text-Task

Player types the solution in a text field. Each answer is evaluated as correct by the system.

Open Multiple-Choice

Player chooses an answer. Each answer is evaluated as correct by the system.


Evaluate threads via smileys.


Evaluate threads via stars.


Evaluate threads via thumbs.


Open votings via multiple choice or text answers.



The player can solve the task when he is in an area of 80 meters to the task.


The player is able to solve the task from anywhere in the world.


The player need a specific QR-Code to be able to solve the task.


The player need a specific iBeacon (Bluetooth-Transmitter) to get into the task.

Game design options


Each task can be solved by all players in any order.


Tasks can only be solved in a specific order.


With a correct solution of a task, previously hidden tasks can be unlocked.


With the completion of a task several other hidden tasks can be unlocked.

Individual Branding


Set an individual background.


Choose an individual logo in the header.


Choose an individual footer for the homescreen.

Realtime Features

Team Visibility

Watch the teams on a map in the CMS. Decide whether the teams are allowed to observe each other on the map in the app.

Live Chat

Communication between the operator and the participants or the participants themselves.

Push notifications

Sending important push notifications to any or all participants.

Real-time statistics

Overview all the details, answers and scores in real-time.

Single Reporting

See and manipulate answers for every player.


Show the game progress in a dynamic bar graph at the end of the event.

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