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The exciting alternative for exhibitions, museums or for different individual and guided tours!


The Interactive Museum Tour

As we all know, knowledge is longest in our memory when we do something experience actively. This is why the interactive museum tour offers an active alternative to passive knowledge transfer. With our digital treasure hunt app you can create individual digital museum rallies and let knowledge-hungry visitors and tourists explore special places interactively. This type of tour can take place as an indoor version in exhibitions, museums, at monuments, at an open day, at expos or during various tours and guided tours.

Integrate thematically specific tasks and transport exactly the information that is important for you and your target group. The museum tour can be carried out under a certain motto: culture, history, politics, biology, art, and much more – what is particularly important to your guests or the exhibiting artist? With photos and videos, the rally illustrates pictorially and emotionally information that deserves special attention.

Our treasure hunt app is also an important component for the analysis and measurement of the success of your tour.

The Highlights

Sustainable knowledge transfer!

Audio guide and game in one!

Exciting storytelling!

Very high degree of freedom for customer-oriented - individual - design possibilities!

Home screen of the espoto treasure hunt
Task list of the espoto treasure hunt app
Map view of the espoto treasure hunt app
Statistic view in the espoto treasure hunt app


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